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8 Things to Strengthen the Husband-Wife Relationship in Islam

Something good to share for you, you, you and me. 

According to the Quran, the purpose of marriage is to attain sukun (tranquility and peace), which can never be achieved through impulsive sexual fulfillment unless it is accompanied by mutual love, affection, caring, and sharing, which are all part and parcel of a fulfilling and productive marriage relationship. Islam, as we know it, listically from the sources, is a balanced way of looking at things.

Following are the 8 important factors that can InSyaAllah strengthen a marriage relationship in Islam:

1. Good Attitude

A Muslim must always have a positive attitude toward life. We say, “Alhamdulillah” (Praise be to Allah) for whatever He gives us (or doesn’t give us).

2. Help

Our Prophet (peace be upon him) stressed the importance of men helping their wives and Allah tells us the importance of women being mates and helpers to their husbands. This is a real “win-win” situation, if we just follow it.

3. Trust

Muslims, men and women are ordered to be trustworthy and follow the example of our prophet (peace be upon him) as the “Trustworthy”.

4. Respect

You get respect, when you give respect. This is mandatory for all Muslims toward all people, how much more toward the spouse?

5. Joy

Our prophet (peace be upon him) used to entertain his wife Aysha (peace be upon her) and she used to play and race with him. She said, “I used to out-run him, but then when I got heavy he used to out-run me”. He told us to play with our wives and have some fun.

6. Forgiveness

Clearly, this is one of the most important aspects of Islam. Whoever does not forgive – will not be forgiven. This comes from Allah, Himself. We must learn to forgive each others for a good relationship.

7. Time

Spend time together. Go for walks. Take a bus ride. Visit a friend or someone who is ill (you get big rewards for that). Fast together on Mondays & Thursdays if you can. Make hajj – this is a great way to get a “new start” on life.

8. Worship

Our prophet, peace be upon him, used to lead his wife in salat, even though he lived connected to the mosque. He told us not to make our homes like grave yards. We should offer some of our sunnah prayers at home.

p/s ~ credit to Islamic Quotes.


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Assalamualaikum & Happy Thursday.

Jika tiada rezeki anak, mungkin diberikan rezeki mertua yang baik. Maka kita lebih bahagia dari mendapat anak yang liar. 

Jika tiada rezeki wang ringgit, mungkin diberikan rezeki kesihatan. Maka kita lebih bahagia dari kerisauan menjaga harta dunia.

Jika tiada rezeki kereta mewah, mungkin diberikan rezeki kenderaan yang jarang menimbulkan masalah. Maka kita lebih bahagia dari membayar kerosakannya.

Jika tiada rezeki rumah yang besar, mungkin diberikan rezeki makanan yang tidak pernah putus. Maka kita lebih bahagia dari si gelandangan.

Jika tiada rezeki pasangan yang cantik, mungkin diberikan rezeki pasangan yang baik dan pandai menguruskan rumahtangga. Maka kita lebih bahagia kerana hidup berteman dan terjaga segala.

Jika tiada rezeki jodoh, mungkin diberikan rezeki umur ibu bapa yang panjang. Maka kita lebih bahagia dapat berbakti sepenuhnya pada orang tua.

Jika tiada rezeki hari ini, mungkin ada rezeki yang lebih baik pada esok hari. Maka kita lebih bahagia kerana rezeki yang tidak dijangka.

Bersabar. Bersyukur. Berusaha. Berdoa. Bertawakal. Hanya Dia, Allah Yang Maha Esa "Hasbi Rabbi Jalallah, Maafi Qalbi Ghairullah, Nur Muhammad Salallah, Laa ilaa ha ilallah, Muhammadur Rasullullah"

p/s~Something good to remind ourself. Ada masa dan ketika kita akan hilang arah dan hilang motivasi. Everything seems all go wrong. Have faith, yakin bahawa rezeki itu milik Allah, dan kita semua telah ditetapkan rezeki masing². Hanya masa dan ketika yang menentukan bila kita akan mendapatnya. Yours is yours, mine is mine. Takkan pernah tertukar dan terambil oleh yang lainnya.

*sumber : OhMedia*


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Lirik Rindukanlah - Encik Mimpi OST Playboy Itu Suami Aku

Ku Benar-Benar Sayang
Pada Dirimu Oh Kasihku
Janganlah Engkau Ragu
Pada Diriku

Dan Ku Berkelana Mencari
Harapan Yang Kita Impikan..
Dari Terbitnya Sang Suria...
Hingga Tenggelam..

Dan Ku Ingin Cinta Sejatimu
Dan Ku Ingin Harapan Hatimu
Oh Janganlah Engkau Bersedih
Oh Ikhlas-Ikhlaskanlah.. Hatimu

Rindu-rindukanlah Diriku
Sepanjang Hari-Harimu
Ku Adalah Milikmu
Sayangku Adalah
Milikmu Yang Kau Rindu..

Doa-doakanlah Diriku Di Dalam Hatimu
Di Dalam Nafasmu
Sepanjang Hari-harimu..

p/s ~ Drama yang tengah on air sekarang di TV3, jam7pm, based on novel dengan tajuk yang sama.


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Ibu to be

Assalamualaikum & Happy Monday.

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah SWT untuk segala-galanya samada pahit atau manis.

Hikmah ada disebalik semua yang berlaku, isn't it?

Ibu-to-be, yes I am. Dan Ayah-to-be untuk si dia.


Dalam minggu ini, genaplah si baby 20 minggu. Alhamdulillah once again.

No words can tell. Semoga semuanya baik-baik saja dan berada dalam keadaaan yang selamat dan sejahtera.

Sebagai seorang bakal ibu, haruslah rasa bahagia dan gumbira.

Baby, be good to us. May Allah bless you and protect you from any harm till you're born and come to us safely.

We'll be right here waiting.

Either is a boy or a girl, it doesn't matter for us. We want both. Hehe. InsyaAllah.

Keep healthy baby. Ibu and ayah loves you.

p/s : pic credit to google.


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If you're hurt or betrayed

Assalamualaikum & Have a nice day!

Its been a while.

Salam Maal Hijrah 1435H.

Semoga semuanya baik-baik saja dan terus menerus menghadapi apapun yang bakal terjadi pada masa hadapan. Alhamdulillah for everything.

Forget our painful past but learned from it.

Forgive the people who have wronged us.

Its never been easy, but this is another chance to start anew.

InsyaAllah, Allah always knows everything.

Sharing this beautiful reminder from beautiful people.

If you're HURT by people, who share the same blood as you,
remember Yusuf (alaihis-salaam), who was betrayed by his own brothers.

If you find your PARENTS opposing you,
remember Ibrahim (alaihis-salaam), whose father led him to the fire.

If you're STUCK with a problem where there's no way out,
remember Yunus (alaihis-salaam) stuck in the belly of a whale.

If you're ill & your body cries with PAIN,
remember Ayoob (alaihis-salaam) who was more ill than you.

If someone SLANDERS you,
remember Ai'sha (radhi allahu anha) who was slandered throughout the city.

If you're LONELY,
recall Aadam (alaihis-salaam) who was created alone.

If you CAN'T SEE any LOGIC around you,
think of Nuh (alaihis-salaam) who built an ark without questioning.

If you are MOCKED by your own relatives;
think of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

take a lesson of patience & perseverance from them!


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The Heirs Korean Drama

Assalamualaikum & Good day.

It's been a while.

Sem two is over. Yeee. Expect the worst but always hope for the best.

Ayat ni akan aku selalu ingat agar tidak berlebihan mengharap sesuatu dengan sewenang-wenangnya.

Expecting is hurt isn't it?

Berbalik kepada tajuk asal. The Heirs. Drama korea yang latest yang akan on air mulai esok. Tapi di Korea la. Bukan Malaysia. Tapi tidak apa, semoga DramaCrazy akan setia meng upload cerita ni sebaik sahaja on air. Please.

I've been waiting for this since a month ago. Sangat suka sebab hero dan heroin nya adalah kegumaran aku the most. Lagi sekali, the most.

I've been watching these romantic comedy drama, eh romantic comedy ka, let say macam tu la kan, so far, so good. Lee Min Ho truly super kacak dan best dan Park Shin Hye sentiasa dengan kecomelan beliau.
All stars are sparkling bright with their own character.

Untuk kepuasan hati sila lah melayari The Heirs di link ini untuk paparan HD yang super best atau di sini pun boleh juga The Heirs yang sentiasa di upload dengan English Subs. So far, sumber dari sini sangat okey. Dan, tidak ketinggalan, The Heirs on air juga di Astro Channel 395 yang tengah free sekarang ni until Feb 2014 if im not mistaken. ^^

p/s- please let 'us' watch this (^_^) ehem.

Synopsis serba sedikit :

Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) lives a carefree life in the United States as the profligate son of a ridiculously rich and powerful family. On Kim Won’s (Choi Jin Hyuk), his older half-brother’s advice, he chooses to live without a serious thought–eat, drink, and be merry is his adopted life motto–much to the dismay of his mother. Kim Tan knows that instead of being sent to study abroad, he’s actually been exiled to the United States, leaving the room clear for his half-brother to assume control of the family business and fortune.
Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) works part-time job after part-time job in order to help her mother support her older sister’s college education in the United States. When she learns that her sister is getting married and doesn’t plan to return, she temporarily abandons her hard-working mother to go seek her sister out and to find out exactly what her sister’s plans are since she and her mother had pinned their hopes on the sister returning from her study abroad to help them live a better life in Korea. Once in the United States, though, Eun Sang learns that everything has been a lie. Her sister isn’t getting married nor is she in college. The reality is that she’s shacking up with a no-good man and is waiting tables. Instead of welcoming her younger sister, the sister merely opens Eun Sang’s luggage on the sidewalks of Venice Beach and takes the hard-earned money she had requested from Korea, leaving her younger sister stranded, crying for her older sister, and observed by Kim Tan, who is oddly moved by this scenario between the sisters  so very much like his own with his half-brother.


The connection (^_^)

Emmm..melting..Kim Tan giving Eun Sang a star studded gazing eye effect..omomomomo..
How can I not like Lee Min Ho that much..hehe..He really has the power and ability to give that gaze look that last for eternity.

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Never give up

Just never.

After all, emotion is conquer all the way. Just please, don't give up, dear heart.


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